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The mission of the Minnesota Stroke Partnership is to raise awareness of stroke, promote stroke prevention, and improve systems of stroke care throughout Minnesota.


The Minnesota Stroke Partnership (MSP) was formed in September 2005. The original core of the MSP was simply a committee of individuals from a variety of organizations. This original group was named the Minnesota Stroke Committee. The group met quarterly in 2005-2006 to plan and prioritize stroke prevention areas and populations that needed to be addressed.

The group determined that the areas of emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency departments (EDs) were a high priority - and had high potential for achieving short-term successes. Thus, a first task force was formed to address EMS and stroke. As more individuals were recruited for this task force, it became clear that this statewide effort to collaboratively address stroke was growing to more than simply a "committee." The group agreed in June 2006 to rename itself as the Steering Committee of the Minnesota Stroke Partnership.

The Minnesota Stroke Partnership Today

The Minnesota Stroke Partnership is comprised of individuals who are interested in reducing the burden of stroke in Minnesota. A Steering Committee oversees collaborative projects and acts as an advisory group to the Minnesota Department of Health on stroke issues, and oversees implementation of stroke-related activities in the Minnesota Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Plan: 2011-2020.  The Steering Committee meets three times per year to discuss the "big picture" and agree on the general content and direction for statewide initiatives.

Task forces are formed to address specific areas of interest as determined by the Steering Committee to meet the goals of the Minnesota Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Plan: 2011-2020. These areas currently include emergency medical services, emergency departments, and stroke eduction for the public and providers.

Finally, the Partnership includes individuals who may not be actively involved in a committee or task force, but are involved in stroke prevention, treatment, or rehabilitation in various ways. These people are opinion leaders, change agents, and stroke champions in their communities and organizations.

The Minnesota Stroke Partnership is coordinated by the Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Unit at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Click here to visit the HDSP Unit website.


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